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Day 53 of 100 Day of Grief and Hope

"Live your life from your heart.  Share from your heart.  And your story will touch and heal people's souls." -Melody Beattie I've had a hard time wanting to sit down today and write today.  This morning I spent close to three hours working on a short talk I'm giving at our relief society birthday party.  I'm just feeling a little worn out from that and the rest of the day.   I had a friend ask me to talk about how to find joy in our journey.  When she asked me in my mind I responded, "you've got to be kidding right?!"  I just feel like the last couple of months haven't really reflected joy but upon further reflection I've realized that these months were some of the most joyful I've felt.  When I told her I would do my best in speaking about it, I felt peace.  I feel like that peace that settled over me is confirmation that I can say what needs to be said.   I'm scared though.  I feel like the women in my ward are