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Day 19 of 100 Days of Grief

"How much tragedy has to happen before I split wide open?" -Alisa Mullen Three miscarriages and a really difficult first part of pregnancy has split me open.  It has broken me into a million peaces and I feel like I'm looking around in the wreckage that is me and not recognizing what parts are me and what's not.  It's like I don't recognize the old parts of me. I visited with a friend this weekend and she was saying that you become a completely new person person after a miscarriage.  The person you were before it is gone and people don't understand that you aren't that person anymore.  My hope is that as I put the pieces back together my person will be better than one before. I was reading a talk by Neil L. Andersen this morning and he was talking about trials being a refiners fire.  I've heard that phrase a lot before but I feel like this is the first time I understand what it means to be put in a refiners fire.  I've had