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Day 30 of 100 Days of Grief

" The Western mind is obsessed by doing more and more, restless and constantly on the run ,just cannot sit still into being the grace that descends...just by being...still, being leads to being." -Swami Rajneesh After having my miscarriage in this weird period of peace before the storm moment I had this simplified look at my life of things that really mattered.  I remember sitting with my notebook and writing this:   Priorities:  1 - My time and relationship with God 2 - Family (Nick, my and babies emotional and physical health) 3 - Everything else I look back at it and this was before I really dropped into that deep dark hole.  This was right I after I'd had my D&C and I was able to start functioning again.  I was able to get up and move around without assistance.  I was able to help the kids and try to help lift the burden from Nick.  During this time I felt so much gratitude for all those around me and fully saw how blessed I had been throu