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Day 49 of 100 Days of Grief and Hope

"Obstacles can't stop you.  Problems can't stop you.  Most of all, other people can't stop you.  Only you can stop you." - J. Gitomer I really liked the quote above.  If you think about it most times it's you who gets in your own way of completing or finishing things that are important to you.  This blog has been difficult for me.  Ever since I got feedback about it from different people I feel like I can't be 100% honest about my feelings and thoughts.  I think about every word and every sentence that I put down on this screen because I'm now worried how it will be perceived.  And it's exhausting.  So instead of working through that I've avoided this blog.  Which has made it harder for me to work through my feelings lately and it makes it harder for me to get through the days.  But it's me who is the one that's really stopping me.  I can choose not to let others words effect my writing.   But I guess I'm just not sure how.