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Day 36 of 100 Days of Grief and Hope

"When we lose those we love, we must understand that it takes time to learn to feel again.  For nothing can touch the heart that is frozen with grief." -Unknown Yesterday while teaching piano lessons I had one of my students bring up Hope.  This is something I had been worried about since starting lessons.  I was worried I would fall apart in tears if one of the students mentioned it.  Instead I come away feeling comforted and loved.  The interaction was simple.  He just mentioned that he knew I had lost a baby and that it made me very sad.  He also said that he thought the baby would have been cute.  Strangely his simple words have been some of the most kind and compassionate words I've received. As adults I think we think that the person mourning doesn't want to talk about their baby because it is hard and it brings up emotions.  Instead they say they are sorry for our loss.  My students simple acknowledgement that I had lost a baby felt better to me th