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Day 27 of 100 Days of Grief

"Envy is the art of counting the other fellow's blessings instead of your own." -Harold Coffin Nick and I have been organizing our house.  Things that we should have taken care of years ago.  It seems like I have the motivation to organize and clean all the things.  I'm pretty sure it's just to stay busy but it's been good for our home!  The last couple of weeks we were cleaning up the basement.  We went space by space throwing things away, putting things in a donate pile, sweeping and cleaning as we went.  I told Nick before we started that I couldn't do anything with the baby stuff.  He said that was fine.  We finished it and I felt good that the basement was clean but I wondered in the back of my mind if I would ever get to the point where I was okay to get rid of the baby things.   This last week Nick and I have been going through our clothes and getting rid of things we haven't worn in a long time.  Today I went through the last of