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Day 5 of 100 Days of Grief

" We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey. " Kenji Miyazawa Today I got out the to do list.  I was making my way through it, keeping busy.  While running I was watching a show and a certain song just sent me reeling.  It wasn't even about miscarriage or anything related but the feeling of the song just triggered the sadness in me and I cried through the rest of my running.  It seems like each day is getting a bit easier but I still get caught off guard by the enormity of the emotions.  It's like each day I get a reminder that my baby did die and it's like I am experiencing hearing those words, "there is no heartbeat" all over again.  I think during the rest of the day I can make it through the day pretending like it was all a bad dream.  But then something reminds me that wave of grief covers me.   Today I think I'm prepared to write about yesterdays prompt.  I'm going to combine it with today's prompt.  Today&