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My own post that doesn't come from the book :)

"Hide your eyes darling people can see your heart through them." -Unknown Today has been a whirlwind.  A good and crazy whirlwind.  So much so that I don't have it in to write it all down yet.  It's been crazy.  I will tell you more about it tomorrow but tonight I wanted to post what I shared with my relief society tonight at the relief society birthday dinner.  I'll write more about it tomorrow. It is very daunting speaking to you all.  When Koriann asked me to talk about “Finding Joy in your Journey”, in my mind I thought - are you crazy?!  But at the same time I felt peace and knew that this was something I could share.   These last few months I feel like I’ve taken a crash course on trying to find peace and joy.  I want to share with you a bit about my last few months and I ask those that have heard this story to bear with me because I want you to understand where and how I learned to find joy.  At the beginning of October I found out I